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Small businesses continue to pop up around the world like mushrooms, and many of them mature into medium-size companies. Finally, some of the latter gain power and evolve into major world-renowned corporations and form worldwide networks of affiliate groups. Without services of public accounting companies none of these whales would have reached their current heights. Bookkeeping is something essential and no business will survive, not even a small one. Therefore, these services will be there as long as there are market economies.
The advantages of our company

small business accounting companyA while ago, business persons had to go through the routine of visiting tax accounting companies, waiting in lines and looking forward to the day when the dull counting routine is over. Today, there are no such problems. Well, the main advantages of these services are:

  • 1.Availability: they run websites, on which they post detailed information about services they provide. Via these sites, users can contact what they believe is the best accounting company and ask all sorts of questions.
  • 2.Quick support: should a user face a problem (technical or business-related), the support team will be available 24/7 and ready to share all sorts of expert advice.
  • 3.Staff’s professionalism: we employ experienced, devoted and workaholic specialists, who take great care about their skills and won’t miss a chance to upgrade them by attending classes, international seminars, etc.
  • 4.We use advanced accounting software, which rules out a possibility of data loss or hacking, and we upgrade/update all our applications on a regular basis.
  • 5.Our team does all the accounting, tax accounting, budgeting, auditing, recording, monitoring, calculating, quickly, effectively, and without users’ slightest involvement. Those who sign with us can fully trust us to do our job, and so far there has not been a single complaint.
  • 6.None of transactions or procedures requires a user’s visit to a land office: everything is completed online and without much fuss!
  • 7.Online public accounting companies just like us provide versatile and flexible services at affordable prices. We do not impose any hidden costs and use transparent pricing policies.


Who Can Address Us?

We have been around for several years, and, mainly, we cooperate with:
• Minor businesses and self-employed individuals;
• Medium-size businesses;
• Individuals.

Since our inception, we have been cooperating with companies and corporations of all types and sizes. Our staff is qualified enough handle their increasingly complex accounting systems. We do keep pace with the time and set high goals. Thus, we are not just a small business accounting company:we welcome different organizations dealing in all possible spheres and operating legally in your area.Thanks to our rich experience in providing accounting services, there is no problem we cannot solve, and all categories of clients want to contact us.
We have the best prices!

As it was noted above, we use clear and concise pricing policies. Prices vary depending on the type of deal, type of activity conducted by a client, and many other factors. We try to be flexible and adjust prices with consideration of our customers’ budgets and financial status. This approach helps us to make it uniformly affordable for all our customers.

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Our specialists have certificates, licenses and years of experience in these activities field!

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They Talk Good about Us

“I had no idea there were business accountant companies near me until I browsed and found this service”, a happy self-employed client commented. This is the feedback we get from our customers all the time. Read reviews about our company. These are our real customers who were able to solve their problems with our help.

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Josh, Hampton, VA

This company has helped me a lot in cost optimization! Provided assistance with sole proprietor taxes (schedule C on 1040 tax return) – optimization of business expenses on Shedule C Assistance with rental income taxes. I saved a lot of money, which helped in the development of my business. Recommend this company if you are in business.

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Tatiana, Norfolk, VA

Anjelika was preparing a complicated Corporate Tax Return for one of our clients. I was impressed by the level of her professional expertise and competence. I never worked with such a dedicated and knowledgeable CPA before. Anjelika is fast, reliable and responsible professional. I would highly recommend her services to anyone.

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Ann, Richmond, VA

Interest me sale of shares of stock by individuals – determining capital gain and loss on sale of financial assets. Consultation was required on such question as was required schedule D on individual tax return. Accountants helped me to understand and optimize my expenses. Real professionals!

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