In this challenging time of global pandemic, we continue to work hard to provide our clients with the high-quality Accounting services.

To achieve that our company is implementing all range of modern technologies to assure our clients needs are met on time. We move forward confidently and our professional team is well equipped to serve our clients in this changed reality.
Accounting services

We are using a number of software applications and platforms that allow us to operate smoothly and effectively.

Any Desk- ensures secure and reliable remote desktop connections for on-the-go individuals. This application allows access to documents and files across multiple locations.

Go To Meeting- allows us to meet with our clients on line. So, no need for a physical appointment anymore. This application features a desktop sharing and enables users to have online meeting and conferences.

One Drive for Business Cloud -Microsoft cloud service let us store and protect your files, share them with you, and get to them from anywhere on all your devices. This service gives us an opportunity to safely work together with a client from anywhere while protecting the confidentiality of information.

high-quality Accounting services

Thank you for choosing YBOT! During this time of unprecedented uncertainty we believe we that we are worthy of your trust!