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A tax administrative assistant is a person, who is responsible for solving a company’s tax matters and problems. Most businesses hire these specialists to have someone who can professionally manage taxation issues, thus avoiding delays and preventing negative consequences. Today, it is not mandatory to have this kind of professional in the next room. There are online services, which you can contact and consult immediately.
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An incometax assistant online may be located thousands of miles away from you. However, these services are available 365/24/7. They carry out tasks and work similar to those traditionally hired by companies and enterprises.
The biggest advantage is that you do not need to physically visit a tax assistance center. Youjust need to get in touch with one via its official website, consult an agent on the issue you are interested in and get a comprehensive calculation.
You will enjoy a professional consultation on how your tax legislation works in your particular case and what you need to do to reduce financial burden without breaching the tax law.Finally, the ‘favorable logistics,’ makes this option more affordable: just take a simple tax assistant question paper, do some minor calculation and see why!
Our company uses state-of-the-art equipment and latest software, which ensures quick and accurate analysis and calculation, as well as safe storage of databases and confidential information.
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Taxation assistants of both online and land firms carry out quite a spectrum of activities. These include, to name a few:
• Answering phone calls
• Doing paperwork
• Accepting customers
• Running databases
• Checking documents
• Running email correspondence
• Providing tax return data
Given the broad range of services and activities, any firm or enterprise can count on our help. Since our inception, we have been cooperating with lots of companies, both small and big, as well as individuals. Tax law works in different ways depending on the type and/or size of your business.


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The cost of our service depends on a number of factors. If you ask our employee up front what would it cost you, he or she will not answer until he or she gets a clear picture of your particular case. It should be noted, however, that we use every method to provide high quality tax return assistance on time and at an affordable price.

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Our specialists have years of experience in these activities, certificates and licenses!

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We continue to receive gratifications from clients from around the world. This is the result of our hard work, professionalism and devotion. We provide a strong legal basis for various types of business, and we take great care to help each our clientget decent IRS tax assistance without delays.

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Emily, Rockville, VA

It’s about time for me to submit my tax return. I used to put it off, because I was not sure how to properly prepare it. I’ve always hated paperwork and all that counting and deducting. One day, my friends advised me to contact Anjelika Makeeva, as they’d been using her help for a while by the time. So did I, and that was my best decision over the year! Angelika is a very careful and skilled accountant. She solved all my issues right away and helped me prepare and submit my tax return. This is no longer a headache for me. I know that there is a reliable professional, who will do everything quickly and properly!

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Juliana, Alexandria, VA

I’m running a small business, and I prefer to outsource accountants. It was great that I did so this time as well! Angelika helped me prepare all my documents properly. I felt a little worried, but once I had a certified accountant by my side, all my worries went away. This kind of accountant is a must-have thing for companies like mine! I’d strongly advise everyone to use her help!

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Eliza, Washington, VA

I own a company, which I categorize as a medium-income one. When our accountant retired, we had to find another one. We decided to cooperate with Angelika on a freelance basis. Now all our monthly corporate accounting, reporting, tax matters, etc. are at her full disposal. I respect her for the following traits: exceptional expertise, CPA status, quick work, ability to quickly figure out different issues, and friendliness. We did the right thing when we chose to cooperate with her!

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