So how to organize corporate accounting services in your enterprise? Who should entrust the organization and maintenance of accounting firm services? How to choose a qualified accountant? Moreover, how with all this save?
Each manager has to solve this problem directly. First, it is necessary to decide which option of accounting services company is right for you. Do you need an accountant, or several accountants on an ongoing basis in your office, or there is no need for this or enough incoming accountant (accountant at home), or it is worth transferring the bookkeeping to the enterprise to a specialized company.

But whether you use this advice or not, in any case it is necessary to remember that your future accountant, whether he is constantly in the office, or a third-party, incoming, accountant at home, must be mandatory: first, Appropriate education and secondly, experience, spa license (CPA License). Moreover, the more difficult financial and economic processes organized in your company, the more experience your future accounting firms for mid-size business should have. It is very important.